All about the connection

Country, at it’s roots, is know for its ballads. Songs about stories and tales that most genres would never think to cover and in many ways this is why people love country so much. There is a song for every emotion, every feeling, experience and adventure and because of this people are able to connect over music and also, never feel alone. There are so many others… but I narrowed it down to a few scenarios.

This one always makes me think of my younger siblings, My Wish for you.

Have you lost a loved one, maybe a father? I haven’t but I still cry…

Always waitin’ on your woman?

Before he Cheats- Carrie Underwood (title says it all)

For the young girls (and guys) modern day issues , the enhancement of bullying with social media

For the fathers with daiughers, All-American Girl- Carrie Underwood

For the Fathers with sons

For those of us with those stubborn dads who love you so much but refuse to say the words


About Sarah

Most of these were made for school assignments during my Third and Fourth year at Trent University. However, Resistance is Futile is the hub for everything awesome and new, sometimes I re-blog my old stuff if relevant!

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