snoopNow these two couldn’t sound further apart however, Cowboys and B-boys both love their wheels and guns, and both like bragging about their chosen outlaw subcultures, so it’s no surprise that hip-hoppers and hillbillies increasingly cross boundaries. For instance, 300-pound, ex-pro-golfer, Colt Ford has charted on both Billboard‘s country and rap charts. In other words, they share similar characteristics. Both rely on storytelling and demand a certain amount of authenticity from their audiences.  Even though they are seen as sonicly polar-opposites, sometimes opposites attract, and because of that we have wound up with a variety of country/hip-hop collaborations!

Up first, we have Snoop-dog and WIllie Nelson singing “Superman” a song about how these man tried to be something they aren’t, and also how hitting a personal low made them realize that they “ain’t superman”. This is followed by Mr. Jason Aldean and his musical talent paired with Luuuuuuudaa… eh hem… Ludacris, in “Dirt Road Anthem”.

Following this there are are a few songs which cross the line between country and rap however the artist is just dabbling with the cross over, such as Bubba Sparxxx. Known for his one hit wonder “Miss New Booty” Bubba has also made “Country Folks” featuring Colt Ford, and Danny Boone.  Country man Jerrod Neimann wanted to switch things up (as admitted in the video) and created an interesting pop/rap/country song called, “Drink to that all Night” .

Lastly, to end on a weird note, there is Taylor Swift who did some strange, strange song called “Thug Story” with T-pain and  just when you thought it couldn’t any stranger there is a song by Sir-Mix-A-lot called “Square Dance Rap” …. TONS more guys, even if you wanna look just for a laugh, sometimes these mash-ups get stuck in your head!


About Sarah

Most of these were made for school assignments during my Third and Fourth year at Trent University. However, Resistance is Futile is the hub for everything awesome and new, sometimes I re-blog my old stuff if relevant!

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    Well Ludacris announced during the Justin Beiber roast (which was HILARIOUS) that he had a new album coming out called Ludaversal and guess who it features? Jason Aldean! After Luda featured in Dirt Road anthem I guess they became pals because Burning Bridges the first track on his new album features Jason himself!

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