The Top 5

country2 This post is going to be the hardest by far, because it is not my top five, but my attempt at choosing the top 5 most persuasive country music songs to make you “country haters” join the light side.

  1. Brantley Gilbert- Country must be Country Wide (how country music connects everyone together)
  2. Brad Paisley- This is Country Music (how country has been stereotyped, what it is about)
  3. Miranda Lambert- The House that Built Me
  4. Zac Brown Band- Colder Weather (despite the haunting sadness, it’s a beautiful song, and a real sing-along)
  5. Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood- Remind Me

I wanted to throw in either “Ring of Fire” or “Walk the Line” by Johnny cash,  Alabama “Mountain Music” or “Song of the South” even Shania Twain’s “That Don’t Impress me Much” but the problem is that these are classics! These songs are so well known by people of all ages, that if you have heard it and don’t like it or it doesn’t register in your mind when you think “country” (for whatever reason) then there is no sense in trying to persuade you with it. Instead I went modern and maybe underrated and hopefully never before heard by the “country hater”.

And because I won’t be happy if I don’t here are my Top 7 (yes I cheated and not as badly as I would like to) in no particular order:

  1. Eric Church- Springsteen
  2. Tim McGraw ft. Taylor Swift- Hightway don’t Care
  3. Keith Urban- Stupid Boy
  4. The Band Perry- Don’t Let Me Be Lonley
  5. Brantley Gilbert – Bottoms up
  6. Miranda Lambert- All Kinds of Kinds
  7. Luke Bryan- Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye


    We made it through the conversion, welcome my friends to Country Music


About Sarah

Most of these were made for school assignments during my Third and Fourth year at Trent University. However, Resistance is Futile is the hub for everything awesome and new, sometimes I re-blog my old stuff if relevant!

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